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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I came across an interesting thing today on Twitter: Kelly Rawlings (@kellyrawlings) had suggested that every diabetic "tweet" their blood sugar at 4 PM Eastern Time. Twitter and blogger did a great job of spreading the word (I heard about it through them). The goal was to get 14,000 'betics to post their number.

Unfortunately, I had a meeting run almost an hour past the 4:00 bell, but still posted my scrumtrulescent score of 94 (as Stu Scott screams Boo Yeah at my glucometer). Not that it mattered to those following diabeteshappens on Twitter or the hash tag of #14kpwd (my guess, 14k people with diabetes). I got comments on my Herculean number long after it was posted. For many, I think it represented a bond with fellow diabetics, and created a sense of community among those of us who have to test; some actually looked forward to it (the article was written by a guy named Farrell so you know it has to be good).

I agree it was a great show of support, and it makes me happy to think that at the end of this month I'll be checking my sugs with some tremendous diabetics in Vernonia, Oregon. It's nice knowing that I've got a whole week of testing and comparing and not just a day with a hash tag.