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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Extension, Graduation, Anticipation

Its been a long time since I've posted on the diabeteshappens blog. But I intend to change that. Here are some long overdue thoughts from a diabetic on the verge of real life:

Having finished all undergraduate academic commitments at Wesleyan University and getting ready for Graduation on Sunday, I find myself a little bit antsy. Sure, its great to relax all day, but maybe free time is over rated. Senior year has been a very busy one, mostly due to my thesis for Film Studies, a 16mm short film that I wrote and directed called "Extension." Its is a very personal project that I've been working on for a year, and it is very closely related to not only my academic and creative work, but my everyday mindset, my health, and of course, diabeteshappens.

"Extension" is, very simply, about a boy who is electric. His name is Elliot. He must be plugged into the wall via an extension cord to survive. Elliot does not want to be limited by his cord. So he does something about it. If you haven't figured it out, "Extension" is very much based on my personal experience with Type 1 Diabetes, and my philosophy on how it should be dealt with. As diabetics, we can't let our cords hold us back. But its not as simple as unplugging. Even if we are "unplugged" and comfortable with our disease, we still have to wear insulin pumps or give injections. The fact is, we can be free, but we still have to be aware and be responsible and live in a world where most others don't have to do what we do. There is one thing that has helped me to get over this obstacle-- and that is the power of shared experience. Communicating and interacting with other people that are going through the same things has given me the individual strength to keep trying-- to keep doing my best. Here at diabeteshappens, we are all about a positive and proactive outlook on life with diabetes: it happens, so we make the best of it. Our cords don't hold us back. But most importantly, we believe in "extending" this attitude to others, and that's what we challenge you to do every day.

The ideas behind "Extension" do not only apply to diabetes. It is about overcoming any kind of adversity. Its about finding someone else like you. Its about shared experience. And dare I say-- its even about love. "Extension" will be up for viewing on the internet and available on DVD very soon. Please keep checking this blog and for updates.

As this year-long project is finally about to see the light of day, I face a pretty serious transition: Exiting the college bubble, saying goodbye to college living habits (good for the 'betes), entering the real world and dealing with jobs, bills and rent. Diabetes won't hold me back. But the hardest and most important part about the beginning of this new chapter: remembering my "cord" exists, making my diabetes management a priority, giving myself the best chance to live a long, healthy life, and never forgetting to extend a positive outlook in the new (for me) post-grad world.


Monday, May 4, 2009


April showers bring May flowers. JMA just brings the motivation. All May long.